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Helium Precautions

DO NOT allow anyone to inhale helium from the filling equipment or from balloons. Rapid suffocation can take place by reducing the concentration of oxygen in the air necessary to support life. Inhaling directly from filling equipment can also cause serious lung damage WHICH COULD RESULT IN DEATH!

DO NOT allow children to touch the cylinder, or its valve, or to operate the balloon filling equipment.

DO NOT leave this cylinder unattended in a public area, or where children or unauthorized personnel can gain access to it.

NEVER open the cylinder valve before attaching a balloon filling regulator to it. Tighten the regulator connection to the cylinder valve with a wrench. DO NOT use leaky equipment.

DO NOT store or use the cylinder in a closely confined or poorly ventilated area. Leaking helium can reduce the amount of oxygen in the air and produce asphyxiation.

DO NOT store or use the cylinder in hot areas. (over 130 degrees F) or near flames or electrical devices.

DO NOT attempt to transfer helium from this cylinder into any other cylinder or container.

SHUT OFF the cylinder valve after each use and when empty. Remove the balloon filling regulator and replace the cylinder cap prior to returning the cylinder to your supplier.

REMEMBER: DO NOT remove the cylinder cap until the cylinder is secured. If the cap is stuck or jammed, return the cylinder to the supplier.